Why Don’t Marketers Have a Mantra?

Everyone else has a mantra. Sales people have ‘always be closing’. Boy scouts have ‘always be prepared’.

Why can’t we have one?

Probably because marketers would never be able to agree on one. There’d be a lot of brainstorming sessions. A lot of white boarding and wire framing.

But no mantra.

Well, I’m putting one out there. Here’s my vote:

Always be producing.

Clearly this is borrowed. But for good reason.

The sales mantra is effective because it reminds the sales person what their primary activity should be.

At any point in a conversation with a prospect, they should be pushing the sales conversation towards the close.

What’s the primary activity of a marketer? The one thing we should always be doing? The activity we should default to when we’re not sure what to do next?

Producing content.

Content is the currency of marketing. When we’re producing content, we’re doing our work. And when we’re not, something is amiss.

The nature of marketing, and the role it plays in any organization, makes it easy to get caught up in excessive planning and deliberation.

But the rubber only hits the road when something tangible is produced. I know from my experience, I’d be a much better marketer if I produced something more often.