Why I Hate People Who Make Writing Look Easy

You know the type.

They somehow find time between running the world’s coolest businesses and delivering the keynote address at the coolest events to write the most epic content the internet has ever seen.

And then they have this to say about it:

“It takes me less than 20 minutes to write a useful article.”
Chris Brogan

Thanks Mr. Brogan. That’s really helpful advice for those of us who slave over posts for days, weeks, even months (okay maybe that’s just me).

Of course, I don’t actually hate Chris Brogan.

Somewhere behind the sarcasm is a deep admiration for where he’s arrived with his craft.

Surely, there was a time when even Chris Brogan looked at savvy writers with disdain. Although it probably wasn’t on the internet. I’m pretty sure Chris was the first person to blog — ever.

But my guess it probably took him a day or two to write a decent post in the beginning. Then with practice it dwindled down to half a day. Eventually 1-2 hours. And finally — the result of years of hard work and practice — 20 minutes.

It’s easy to look at that 20 minute figure and either scoff, curse, or just give up in despair.

And if you Googled ‘how to write a blog post in 20 minutes’, you’re missing the point.

20 minutes is the end of the journey. Not the beginning. Not even the middle. It’s the point beyond which there’s very little efficiency to be gained. And it might very well take the rest of us years to get there.

And if that scares you — then you probably won’t get there.

This post was written in under 20 minutes. Thanks for the challenge, Chris!